Resource Curation

“A Second, A Minute,  A Week With Days in It” Written by: Brian P. Cleary



This book is an excellent resource as it illustrates the concept of time in a child friendly way. It is a wonderful picture book as it looks at the measurement of time in a humorous manner by using funny looking characters that children will enjoy and relate to. Brian P. writes the book with beautifully bright and engaging illustrations and text which will catch the children’s interest and make the learning that much more effortless. The characters throughout the book are ambiguous looking as they’re presented to be, animal and or monsters. The character on each page engage in physical activities that are relatable to children-like activities. The characters partake in activities such as: racing, having birthday parties, bed jumping and so on. Children can easily make personal connections to the book, as a vast majority of children have participated in at least one of the presented activities. This book is an enjoyable read, and extremely engaging for kindergarten children as it outlines the importance of telling time and provides the children with useful information in a smart and attractive way.



This activity is useful for children, as they will have the opportunity to explore the concept of capacity, using beans and balloons. For this activity, the children will make their own sensory balloon using beans. The goal is to figure out how many beans can fit inside the balloon without the balloon breaking. This activity in addition, also promotes problem solving skills throughout the activity as each child will need to think and estimate how many beans can fit inside the balloon. The results will differ between each individual student as it is an open ended activity that leaves room for the student to put more or less beans inside the balloon. The child can also explore how far the balloon will be able to stretch when adding the beans inside. Furthermore, children will be asked to figure out the reason on how their answers are different, even though they are using the same size materials.

VIDEO: Math for Kids: Measurement, “How Do You Measure Up” – Fun & Learning Game for Children


The video, “How Do You Measure Up” illustrates numerous math concepts that reflect on measurement. It is a spectacular resource for families, educators, and children to use on their own as it outlines each concept in an educational and child friendly manner. The video is animated; therefore, there is a substantial amount of use in: bright colours, cartoon characters, enthusiastic high-pitched voices and music. Throughout the video, the narrator reads the sentences presented on each page, and highlights the key words in a different colour. This will allow the user to recognize the important words verbalized and naturally expand the child’s vocabulary. “How Do You Measure Up?” supports children learning in math as it demonstrates key elements in measurement, and describes each concept in a fun and creative way. There is a limited amount of writing on each page, therefore the child can focus and read the sentence with an adult and connect the words with the illustrations presented. This video is a great resource, as children can become familiar with measurement, and expand on their learning and understanding of math in an enjoyable way.


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