Super Fab Lab! – Nonstandard Measurement – Sid The Science Kid – The Jim Henson Company

This video a found on YouTube, and it focused on the unit of measurement. This video is also great to use when the educator is introducing the unit of measurement using non-standard units. The video started with a beginning and it also had an ending for children to share and reflect on what they learned. The video starts off with cartoon characters and then in the middle real life people was the characters. They used children as the non-standard unit of measurement. The video is also short which will support children with short attention span.

This video will support children that are beginning to learn about non-standard measurement because of the characters depicted in the video. The video featured the real children doing the activity which encourages children to try it at home or at school. It is engaging and relatable to children. It has a conclusion part at the end of the video which allows the children to reflect what they learned from watching the video and encourages children to do that in real life.


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